BC’s energy minister may still impose smart meters on homes


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – BC’s energy minister is not making the future of smart meters much clearer.

Rich Coleman isn’t ruling out imposing them on homes that still don’t want them.

There remain holdouts; Coleman says there’s fewer than 100,000 homes, compared to close to 1.75 million households that have them.

Now Coleman wants BC Hydro to revisit the people who don’t want them. “The optimal is to have a system that is completely integrated.”

And if they still refuse? “Our experience is about 75 per cent of them will probably take them at that point, than I’ll know the numbers and we’ll sit down and formulate the plan from there.”

Coleman says it will take a few months to go through the discussions with those who oppose the smart meters.

The NDP’s John Horgan notes that pushes the issue until after the election.

“I think they want to quiet down the noise. I have received tens of thousands of emails over the past year-and-a-half on smart meters from people right across BC. There is definitely discontent and uncertainty and misinformation,” argues Horgan.

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