Reports of movement within Liberal party to get rid of Clark


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Less than a week to go before the election and Liberal Leader Christy Clark seems to be embroiled in two new controversies.

There are reports some people within the party want to get rid of her as soon as the polls close.

It’s apparently being called the “801 movement,” with the number representing one minute after the polls close next Tuesday.

York University political scientist Dennis Pilon is surprised by the timing, and says if it’s true, it’s hard to tell who could be behind this.

“There is a group of Conservatives within this BC Liberal coalition who just don’t trust Christy Clark, think she’s a federal Liberal, and are not prepared to fall under her leadership,” says Pilon.

He adds this sort of thing typically happens after a campaign is over.

“If the party had been languishing 20 points behind the NDP, I could really understand this coming out now. But within striking distance — polling-wise — it is a very surprising development,” he explains.

The other controversy is that Clark took part in advanced voting yesterday, but wrote down two names on the ballot. She wrote down hers, but then added the name of the appropriate candidate.

Elections BC is looking it over, saying it’ll likely count.

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