Hearing impaired student will get bus to school


DELTA (NEWS1130) – The slashing of school bus service in Delta has many parents worried about how their kids are going to get to school in September.

But one family is breathing a sigh of relief.

Connor Stewart, 13, is hearing impaired and up until a few days ago was going to be one of the 80 kids in Boundary Bay looking for an alternate way to get to school.

But his disability has now been deemed significant enough to qualify as a special needs student, and as such will be able to get on the bus to get to his school, South Delta secondary.

His mom, Jeannie Stewart, says he’s actually feeling kind of bittersweet about it.

“None of his friends, none of the neighbours will be on that bus. He’s like ‘Mom, dad, isn’t this like segregation? Why can’t they bus other kids and special needs kids together?'” she recounts.

“He said ‘Mom, how am I supposed to get on the bus when no one else can?'”

The family had been considering taking the matter to the BC Human Rights Tribunal.

A group of parents in Boundary Bay is mounting a last ditch effort to keep the bus in service for one more year, while they look at the school board’s financial situation.

The school district is grappling with a $3.46 million budget deficit.

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