New numbers show majority think they are good drivers


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – How good of a driver are you? Do you always indicate or do a shoulder-check?

New numbers show the majority of you think you are good drivers, but one leading organization disagrees.

Ken Cousin with BCAA is surprised 90 per cent of you think you know what you’re doing behind the wheel, but he’s even more surprised with the 10 per cents of people who were able to admit they’re terrible out there — given it is road trip season.

“Everyone thinks it’s the other guy, but again we have a role to play in staying safe on the road. It’s everyone’s responsibility, so we do find that statistic rather unusual and interesting. When you look at some of the driving out there, 90 per cent may be a little high.”

Nearly three-quarters of drivers get their car serviced before taking a road trip but some of you are still taking one without travel medical insurance because you don’t think anything will happen to you in that short time.

“Cars have a whole lot of moving parts, even if it’s newer, the odds are less that it’s going to break down, but things do go wrong. Get your car checked out, regardless of the age, just so you know you have the confidence in enjoying your trip.”

Younger drivers definitely aren’t doing that — nearly half spend more time picking out road trip music than anything else.

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