Gas station chain wants in on BC booze sales


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If grocery stores are allowed to sell booze, some gas stations and conveniences stores want to be offered the same courtesy.

A submission has been made to the BC Liquor Review Board and Adrien Byrne with Chevron Canada says there are 161 stations across the province ready to get in on the action. “It’s not even about convenience and money making for us, it’s about public choice and access.”

He says the company is heavily regulated. “Even if the legislation were to be changed to facilitate this it would have to go through a pretty prescriptive licensing process, we’d also be willing to work with local police forces to discuss any security concerns.”

Byrne says they have been selling alcohol south of the border for a long time. “We’ve been selling liquor in those states for quite some time with few problems. We’re a heavily regulated industry as it is in relation to fuel, and workplace safety, and the selling of tobacco products. We think this is just one extra thing we can do for our customers.”

Parliamentary Secretary John Yap says he’ll consider Chevron’s proposal, but it’s not part of his study on whether to allow beer and wine sales in grocery stores.

The province is accepting submissions on its liquor review policy until tomorrow.

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