AB to get first look at Northern Gateway review; BC snubbed


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Despite the huge interest in this province to find out if the Northern Gateway pipeline will go ahead, a major review of the project will give Alberta special treatment over BC once its findings are ready for release.

Governments sometimes organize media lock-ups ahead of major documents like budgets to give reporters time to pore over the details. That will be the case in Calgary the day a Joint Review Panel releases its Northern Gateway report, but there are no plans for the same in BC.

Former government chief of staff Norman Spector thinks that’s “dumb.”

“They have to understand the sales job they have to do is out here. It’s not in Alberta. I think it’s a very misguided decision,” he tells us.

The National Energy Board says logistics did not work out for a lock-up here. Spector says they’re not doing themselves any favours by staying away from BC.

“There are a lot of people in Alberta who think the federal government is going to bowl this pipeline through British Columbia. It isn’t going to happen, whatever the legal authority. It isn’t going to happen. They better wake up and smell the coffee.”

The report is expected by the end of the month.

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