There’s demand for BC LNG, despite deal signed between Russia and China: Clark


Updated May 22nd 7:50 a.m.

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A new 30-year gas deal between Russia and China won’t reduce demand for BC’s liquefied natural gas. That’s what Premier Christy Clark is insisting.

“Being honourable, being trustworthy, providing the assurance that we are not going to play politics with energy — I think that’s worth a lot to our potential clients out there, especially China,” said Clark on Wednesday.

“I think our location is a real advantage for us. That’s what we hear from the Chinese, that we would be a major supplier there.”

Clark has continually stated that China will be hungry for this province’s LNG when the industry is finally able to produce in this province.

Despite this estimated $400-billion deal between Russia and China signed Wednesday, she claims there will still be a thirst for our gas.

“Every receiver of natural gas is going to want to have one reliable partner in their portfolio,” Clark said. “We’ve certainly seen the way Russia likes to do business these days.”

Clark was speaking at the second annual LNG in BC Conference as she attempts to boost an industry she claims could bring in $100 billion to this province.

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