Silly excuses people give for breaking the law


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Police are highlighting the seriousness of drunk and distracted driving by telling us about some of the silly excuses people give them while breaking the law.

Over the past week officers in Abbotsford have been doing a blitz and the drivers they’ve been catching range from experienced to new.

The cops are hearing things like: “You are wasting your time, I have driven way more drunk than this!” and “If you impound my car I won’t be able to get to court tomorrow and it will be your fault.”

However, some are lighthearted. “A driver that was actually trying to drive faster than a bee could fly. Apparently there was a bee inside the vehicle and rather than stop and deal with the bee, they thought that they would just try to go at the speed of light and see if that would keep the bee, at least, at the back of the vehicle,” explains Constable Ian MacDonald.

He explains another example that left the officer scratching his head and the driver with a hefty fine.

“The other one I like is the name-dropper story. So, a vehicle is pulled over and the driver immediately starts listing off Abbotsford Police officers that he knows very well. And he doesn’t recognize that one of the names he offers is actually the officer that stopped him. He goes into the background of this officer and the punchline is finally on him because the officer says, ‘I’m actually one of the names that you’ve listed, and I have no idea who you are.'”

MacDonald says sometimes people admit they’re wrong. He says the idea of the campaign is to shed some humour on road safety as drivers continue to put their own and the lives of others at risk, and a reminder that a ticket for distracted driving is $167.


For a list of excuses Constable Ian MacDonald has tweeted click here.

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