Richmond takes more steps to get rid of Chinese only signs


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Only a fraction of business signs in Richmond are “Chinese-only” but the city says there has still been a big push from the community to do something about it.

Senior Manager of Communication for the City of Richmond Ted Townsend says there are challenges in regulating this through a bylaw because it could be seen as violation of freedom of expression. But ideally they’d like all signs to contain at least 50 per cent English wording.

“So part of the dialogue that we’re having with the community is working through what [the] situation [is] and then talking to people about what the situation is [and] what is the best approach to deal with this issue,” he explains.

He says city staff has gone door to door encouraging businesses to change their signage but this puts a greater focus on education and awareness. “To let them know about council and communities desire on this issue.”

A community workshop will take place on the evening of March 12th.



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