Meet ‘The Dougie’ — the coin, not the dance

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Move over, American buck! Get lost, Loonie!

Meet “The Dougie” — the Cascadian movement’s first-ever coin.

The people pushing for a free and independent Cascadia are now minting their own money!

“It’s a first run, minted in pure silver with an amazing image of the bioregion on the back and the Cascadian flag on the front,” says Brandon Letsinger, founder of Cascadia Now!

Okay, it’s not actual currency, because Cascadia is not really a country, but it does have some value.

“The Dougie is amazing! It was put out by a dedicated couple — self-minted — and it’s a troy ounce of pure silver so it actually holds its worth in silver. Five hundred have been created,” he tells News1130.

Maybe the coins will come in handy if Cascadia ever actually declares its independence.

Letsinger says the dream of bringing together BC, Oregon and Washington State did recently get a boost with Cascadia Now! being granted official non-profit status in the US.

“That’s really exciting. We’ve existed as a group for almost 10 years but really only in the past year have we started to get organized,” he tells us.

“Cascadia” is generally considered to be the Pacific northwestern bioregion, bound together by geography, climate and common culture and while some people believe in secession, the broader movement is more about fostering connections and a sense of place.

The self-minted Dougies are one of the rewards in a Cascadia Now! founding membership pledge drive.

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