Group expects constitutional challenges to the C-51 anti-terror bill

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Now that the feds have formally passed the controversial C-51 anti-terror bill, there has been a lot of talk about constitutional challenges.

Many people have voiced opposition, from privacy advocates to First Nations groups upset over what they say was a lack of consultation.

Marni Soupcoff with the Canadian Constitution Foundation now says one or more groups will need to formally get a challenge in motion, stating this legislation violates their rights.

“It has been so widely known, that I do think it’s likely that a group or a coalition of groups will be able to get the funding together to back such a challenge,” she says.

One of the biggest hurdles to a challenge is generally on the financial side.

“Charter challenges are extremely expensive,” says Soupcoff. “So one of the things you look at is, would anyone really bother? But in this case, I think the opposition has just been so widespread it sort of cuts across ideological and political lines.”

Don’t expect a speedy resolution; Soupcoff says a challenge could take years.

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