City of Vancouver considering a plan to remove another lane of traffic on the Burrard Bridge


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It could soon take you a little bit longer to get into Downtown Vancouver.

One of the three main crossings to and from downtown could soon permanently lose a lane of traffic.

The Burrard Bridge, built in the early 1930s, is still in need of some major repairs. That is despite a three-month expansion joint replacement project last year.

The city also re-configured the Cornwall-Burrard intersection at the south end of the bridge as part of the controversial Kitsilano Bike Lane project.

There are more rounds of major construction scheduled for the bridge in the next two years.

The city is considering a plan that would include eliminating one of three southbound traffic lanes and using the space for a second sidewalk. On the downtown side, it would also mean widening Pacific Boulevard to four lanes.

As it sits now, the bridge has only one sidewalk, limiting pedestrians to the west side.

The city eliminated a southbound lane back in 2009 to add a bike lane, after pilot project.

More than 70,000 cars cross the bridge every day.

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