BC New Democrat MP believes a coalition between them and the Grits could happen

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Two of the three major federal parties believe Stephen Harper’s reign as Prime Minister should be coming to an end.

One MP believes there is a real chance a coalition government could form.

He obviously is hoping for an NDP majority government, but with a tight three-way race anything could happen.

But BC MP Nathan Cullen says if they can take down the Tories, both opposition parties are sure to take a look at joining forces.

“It’s what happened in England in the last election [2010], it happens all the time in most countries,” says Cullen. “We also need to change the voting system so we have a more fair voting system where every vote in the country counts. That will sometimes lead to not one party having all the marbles.”

Cullen believes while Trudeau has said he’s opposed to a coalition voters may change his mind.

“They’ve got to at some point learn to stop being the party of entitlement. [They believe] it’s their natural course to be government, sometimes Canadians have a different view. They are quite low in the polls right now. I think a little humility looks good on all of us from time to time.”

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