TransLink adding third SeaBus after long lines due to cancelled bus service over Lions Gate

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – TransLink is adding an extra SeaBus for this afternoon’s commute after sailing waits delayed commuters this morning.

People trying to commute into Downtown Vancouver from North Vancouver faced long SeaBus lines earlier today, all because of cancelled TransLink bus trips across the Lions Gate Bridge thanks to that big construction bump.

Most people experienced a one or two-sail wait — something that generally doesn’t happen.

“There was a lot of confusion at first,” says Barry Corden. “Nobody really knew what was going on. Early morning routine, you get stuck in and you keep on rolling. But a bunch of people got there and didn’t know what was up. There were a bunch of people just milling about, waiting to see what was going on.”

“It’s pretty frustrating because I’m going to be late for work now,” says Brian.

“Almost complete chaos,” says Tony Armstrong. “But also typical Vancouverites being calm, relaxed about it… obviously [TransLink] haven’t seen the operations in Sydney Harbour or Hong Kong Harbour with ferries going everywhere all the time. We’ve just got two ferries out there going back and forth fairly slowly.”


Coast Mountain Bus company buses are still driving across the bridge from West Vancouver.

TransLink didn’t add extra SeaBus sailings for the morning rush, despite those bus cancellations; a SeaBus was under maintenance.

The Ministry of Transportation says it has identified a fix to the construction bump on the Lions Gate Bridge, and it will be in place by tomorrow morning.

The plan is for crews to lay down metal plates that will provide a longer and smoother transition for drivers before and after the bump so that you can maintain a normal speed. Rubber surfaces will also be put down to soften the drive.

People have been hitting the brakes before the bump and it’s been causing extreme backups.

TransLink says it hopes to go back to regular service tomorrow.

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