How can you get your kids interested in healthy school lunches?


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You can control their breakfast, but making sure your kids stick to a healthy lunch once they’re back in school can be a little more difficult.

Much like teaching your kids about financial literacy, healthy eating starts with including your kids in the decision making process.

“Why not experiment with your lunch? Why can’t you prepare something that is made of fruit, made of yogurt, made of vegetables — but do it your way in way that you like it. Go with your mom, go with your dad and buy what you think is appropriate and not in the box,” says Dr. Jean-Pierre Chanoine, the head of pediatric endocrinology at BC Children’s Hospital.

That will keep their focus off of pre-packaged lunches, which can be loaded with preservatives.

Chanoine say most parents have good intentions. “I think that we all know what needs to be done. What we don’t know is how to find the time to do that.”

Finding that time by including your kids can get them into a healthy routine. Letting them have their say in a balanced lunch means they’re more likely to eat it.

And don’t be fooled by packaging.

“Some things are perceived as being healthy, but are not always healthy,” says Chanoine, who is also a board member of the Childhood Obesity Foundation.

He points to things like sugary, processed juices that masquerade as healthy servings of fruit. In place of those, he suggests fruit-infused water.

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