Vancouver marijuana dispensary responds to warning letter from Health Canada


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The BC Compassion Club Society is looking for some more details after the federal government threatened to call in the RCMP unless it and 12 other marijuana dispensaries close.

John Conroy is the Compassion Club’s lawyer and says they’ve written back to Health Canada. “[We are] asking them to comply with the duty to act fairly that falls upon all administrators when they are going to take action that could adversely affect anyone.”

Conroy believes if the Mounties move in, you’ll see patients in wheelchairs complaining about police taking their medicine. “We’ll see if they charge sick people with the situation, bearing in mind [that a] lot of these folks used to be on all kinds of prescribed opiates. Many of them are now not on any opiates and doing much better.”

He says raids used to happen when the Compassion Club first started 20 years ago. “There [were] patients on the news complaining about the police taking away their medicine.”

Conroy adds they want specifics about claims the non-profit club is advertising “It’s a bit puzzling what they have come up with and why they seem to have focused on the ones that are the best, the most compliant.”

He notes the group is a non-profit society with members and doesn’t generally advertise considering all their patients are legal anyway.

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