Vancouver’s pot fest moving from the art gallery to the beach

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – 4-20 in Vancouver has outgrown its home so it is moving to the beach. The annual protest will no longer be held at the Vancouver Art Gallery downtown.

Anywhere between 30,000 and 40,000 people have been showing up for the smoke in and it’s just too much for the art gallery site according to organizer Jodie Emery. The site will also be under construction this April 20th. It’s being held at Sunset Beach this time, a site used for plenty of other events.

Emery says the protest has become more than a silly smoke in and is being run the same way other major festivals are. “Every year, we’re professional by hiring first aid, security, getting port-a-potties and this year we’re getting insurance. Every year, we work with the city, fire and police department and ambulance service to make sure it’s as safe and comfortable as possible.”

There is a chance people living near the new location may not like the idea. Emery has some advice for them. “We hope that they’ll ask the government to legalize marijuana properly so people can consume in places like vapour lounges or coffee shops like Amsterdam and we need the protest anymore.”

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