Company behind BC-made electric car confident about July launch

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Excitement is building in the lead up to the official launch of a BC-made electric car, that is promising to be a game changer for commuters.

The Electra Meccanica Solo is expected to be introduced in late July.

As its name suggests, this car is for driver only, with room in the back for a shopping cart full of groceries.

CEO Jerry Kroll says its range is less than half of what the newly introduced Tesla 3 offers at 160 kilometres between charges, but he stresses for the average working Canadian, and for the price tag, the Electra Meccanica will have a huge market.

“It addresses the 83 per cent of people who commute by themselves 30 kilometres or less each way. That means 14 million Canadians can do their commute in this car and still have extra range.”

So how much will it cost? Around $20,000 Canadian, and Kroll says people around the world can tap into government subsidies to reduce that price.

Kroll says its small size is its major selling feature.

“The Electra Meccanica Solo is the Smartphone for the road. It does what you need, it’s mission specific, it gets the job done neatly. Quite frankly, they sell a lot more Smartphones than they do desktop computers.”

The car is manufactured in New Westminster, the chassis is built in Victoria, and company headquarters are in Vancouver.

More than 100 people have put down a $250 deposit to buy a Solo.

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