Ben Moss life-time warranty customers out of luck as stores close


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A long-time Canadian jeweler is shutting its doors and leaving some of its customers in the lurch.
Ben Moss is liquidating all of its assets and it’s planning to be out of business by the end of the year but it would appear customers who paid for life-time warranties are likely just out of luck.

Ben Moss engagement ring

In a letter to its customers earlier this week, the company said due to circumstances it would no longer continue its lifetime service plan.

Sales people at Ben Moss stores are having to answer a lot of questions about the warranty program, which is some cases cost customers hundreds of dollars.

Their reply is there’s nothing they can do, no refunds can be offered even to those who purchased the plan around the time the company went into creditor protection.

Camie Leard with the Better Business Bureau says warranty holders have a couple options. “You can visit the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcies website where you can file a proof of claim there to apply to be on the list of creditors in which case if there is a settlement in the end you will be on their list of creditors. So, there is a chance of getting at least some of your money back.”

Leard warns the odds are slim customers would see any cash, and those who do will likely get pennies on the dollar.

Ben Moss claims it stopped selling the warranties as soon as it knew it could no longer honour them.

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