BC now has the highest rate of midwife-assisted births in Canada


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – More and more mothers are choosing to have a different sort of birth experience.

BC now has the highest rate of midwife-assisted deliveries in the country, saving millions of dollars in health care costs.

A new report found midwives saved the province an estimated $4.6 million over the last two years as they helped in more than 21 per cent of all births.

Alix Bacon with the Midwives Association of BC says it’s thanks to a number of things.

“First of all, midwives have a 42 per cent lower c-section rate, so that’s a huge cost saving,” explains Bacon.

“Clients who choose to birth in hospital spend, on average, 18 hours less in hospital. And then we have a portion of women, about 18 per cent, who choose to have their babies at home.”

Bacon says part of the success is the continuity of care new moms get from small teams of midwives.

“It seems that this relationship actually has a positive impact in terms of preventing pre-term labour for example, preventing c-sections, and stillbirth and those things that are difficult to address.”

More than 278 midwives currently work in BC, helping bring 9,200 babies into the world last year.

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