Air quality worse today; advisory will likely continue

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – You’ve probably noticed the air feels thicker than it normally does. Air quality across the entire region is worse today than it was yesterday.

The advisory that was issued will likely be continued.

Metro Vancouver Air Quality Analyst Kyle Howe explains the ground level concentrations of fine particulate matter have gotten worse. “And it’s also expected that these outflow winds will probably continue tomorrow, as well. So, those winds will be continuing to transport smoke into the region.”

He adds the layer of smoke seems to be keeping temperatures high overnight.

“We have seen in our data that there are some really high low-temperatures that were recorded overnight. A lot of that is a result of the smoke layer helping to keep the low level radiation sort of high,” says Howe

“Typically, when the night is clear, you’re able to have a lot of this heat energy escape into the atmosphere, but that’s not the case under this thick smoke layer,” he adds.

Babies, the elderly and anyone with heart or lung problems should spend more time inside.

The outflow winds bringing in the smoke from wildfires in BC and the US are expected to continue tomorrow. Howe adds a possible change in weather could clear the smoke later this week.

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