TransCanada sends more crews to Keystone pipeline leak

AMHERST, S.D. (NEWS 1130) – TransCanada Corp. says the company has sent additional crews and equipment to the site of a 795,000 litre oil spill from its Keystone pipeline in South Dakota.

TransCanada said Saturday it is making progress in its investigation into the spill cause on farmland in Marshall County, near the North Dakota border, about 402 kilometres west of Minneapolis. But the company did not elaborate on the cause. The company says additional equipment and workers continue to be dispatched to the site.

Crews shut down the pipeline Thursday after discovering the leak.

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TransCanada says the leak is under control and there is no significant environmental impact or threat to the public.

Nebraska regulators vote Monday on a proposed Keystone XL route, an expansion that also would be operated by TransCanada.

The Keystone XL project would move crude oil from Alberta, Canada, across Montana and South Dakota to Nebraska, where it would connect with existing pipelines feeding refineries along the Gulf Coast.

A leak and spill in southeastern South Dakota in April 2016 prompted a week-long shutdown of the pipeline. TransCanada estimated that just under 64,352 gallons, or 405 barrels, of oil spilled onto private land during that leak. Federal regulators said an “anomaly” on a weld on the pipeline was to blame. No waterways or aquifers were affected

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