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Apparent attempted theft of gosling caught on camera in Stanley Park


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A video of a man apparently trying to steal a baby goose from Stanley Park is making rounds on social media.

James Beer was taking a walk near Lost Lagoon when he saw two men near a group of geese. It wasn’t until after Beer walked past them that he heard them say something.

“They managed to get my attention by saying, ‘I’m going to take one home.'”

WARNING: Foul language

Beer says he kept walking but when he turned around moments later, he saw the man scaring the parents off and grab a baby goose.

“I was by myself and there were two of them,” Beer says. “So I decided to film it maybe that would make them think twice.”

The man doesn’t put up much of a fight when Beer confronts him. The video shows him placing the goose back down before biking away with another man. Beer says he has contacted the BC SPCA, but without an identity of the man, they told him there wasn’t much they could do.

Sam Smith with Wildlife Rescue BC says the actions in the video are disturbing and illegal. “Any time you try and handle a wild animal like that it is not legal, particularly taking a baby away from its family.”

Smith adds geese are protected under the Migratory Bird Act. “Potentially Canadian Wildlife Services could get involved and if found guilty could issue a fine, or even result in jail time in severe situations.”

It’s not the first time Beer has seen someone interfere with wildlife in the park — he says over the winter, he saw someone trying to grab a heron.

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