Time to build an emergency kit as BC deals with floods, fires

DELTA (NEWS 1130) – As a couple of thousand people remain out of their homes right now because of flooding, now may be a good time to pack an emergency kit. It will also come in handy as crews prepare for another busy wildfire season as well.

You’ll need all the typical stuff like a First-Aid kit, some snacks, an extra phone charger, but most importantly, say the experts, is a source of light, heat and water.

The light can come in the form of a flashlight or light sticks. The heat can be either blankets or those silver foil blankets and the water can be either bottled or in specialized emergency packets.

Carmen Ewles, with the emergency preparedness company FAST Limited in Delta, says have a sit-down meeting with your family about what the plan is, just in case, and talk to other family and friends about the same, especially if they don’t live near you.

“It’s good to have alternate numbers that you can call or try to get through with texting, even Facebook or social media is a good way to broadcast out that you’re OK and everything is good or you’re going to be meeting at such and such place.”

She adds because you never know when you’ll be forced from your home, you should also plan around what day you could be told to leave.

“What you’re going to do if it’s during the week, during the day, a weeknight or the weekends because people could be doing different things — working or different activities — or [your] children are in school. It’s also good for parents to talk to their child’s teachers and school to make sure that the school has supplies as well.”

Ewles says it’s also a good idea to ensure your gas tank is always topped up and have a back-up for important things like a pair of prescription glasses and medication. You should also consider setting aside essentials like toilet paper.

As important as your family is, she’s also reminding people to have a plan in place for their pets.

Click here for more information about what kind of emergency kit your home requires.

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