Do you eat alone? Survey finds a lot of Canadians do


BRAMPTON (NEWS 1130) – It turns out many Canadians works are eating alone these days — and you can blame corporate culture.

A study from President’s Choice finds more and more Canadians reportedly eat in solitude, which is more strongly associated with unhappiness than any single factor other than having a mental illness.

The study found that around two-thirds of the nearly-1,600 people polled eat lunch alone while at work, and nearly half of those people eat alone on a daily basis. Canadians seem to think that taking a meal without family, friends, or colleagues is a new “societal norm”.

Three-quarters of working Canadians see an improvement in communication with their colleagues when they eat together and 64 per cent agree that eating lunch with colleagues at work makes their day more enjoyable.

And while a quarter of people polled like to spend time catching up with others over a meal, nearly the same number of people said they’re simply too busy to stop what they’re doing to sit down with friends for lunch.

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