A look at the Marpole modular housing project four months after its opening

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It’s been four months since 78 homeless people moved into a controversial temporary modular housing project in Marpole.

The operators of the building at Heather Street and 59th Avenue say tenants have been transitioning into their new life and neighborhood quite well.

“We’ve definitely seen really life-changing results,” says Julie Roberts the Executive Director of the Community Builders Group.

She says some tenants are now working.

“Some in a part-time capacity, some in a regular capacity. So that’s been really exciting.”

She believes the work being done will have long-term benefits.

“To provide the level of dignity and hope that just enables them to focus on their own wellness.”

While the project had a rocky start with protests from people in the neighborhood, Roberts says much of the opposition has faded.

“I’m happy to say that quite a lot of those fears and concerns have subsided,” she says.”It’s been quite isolated and more just concerned residents just wanting information and wanting reassurance that we are going to handle any issue that may come up.”

She says the real work of trying to find long-term housing for the tenants begins now.

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