Famed UFO researcher Stanton Friedman dead after half century of lectures

FREDERICTON — Stanton T. Friedman, nuclear physicist, lecturer and world-renowned devotee of extraterrestrial existence, has died at the age of 84.

The famed UFO researcher died Monday at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, his daughter Melissa Friedman confirmed Tuesday.

She said he was on his way home to Fredericton from a speaking engagement in Ohio.

Friedman built a reputation as a leading authority on unidentified flying objects, alien abductions and the so-called Roswell incident, considered by many to be the definitive UFO event.

He began lecturing about UFOs in 1967 but said he had never actually seen one himself.

Friedman said his belief was founded in data he uncovered over the years about UFOs, which he said was buried in U.S. government documents.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been made.

The Canadian Press

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