Helicopters, luxury cars and a trashed mansion: Anmore mayor livid over wild house party

ANMORE (NEWS 1130) — It was a party so wild it has a small village’s mayor vowing he’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

A massive house party took place in the small Lower Mainland village of Anmore this weekend, and seems it had everything — exotic cars, helicopters, alcohol and drugs — all but the favour of neighbours and the town’s government.

Coquitlam RCMP Cpl. Michael McLaughlin says police were called to two complaints on the property.

“The first complaint was for a noise bylaw issue. We did speak to a property representative and gave a formal warning. No ticket was issued,” he says. “The second time, which was about two and a half hours later, about 8 p.m., we were called for an overdose to that location. Police did attend. There was a male who needed to be revived, and he refused further medical treatment.”

Mayor John McEwen is furious. He says cars were racing up and down a quiet residential street, and helicopters were even taking off and landing in the backyard of the large mansion.

“We are absolutely appalled at what went on,” he says. “Apparently there was excessive alcohol consumption, there was nudity, there was drug use going on.

“All resources are going to be put on this to ensure this doesn’t happen again in our community.”

But McLaughlin says police can only act when a criminal offence has occurred.

“It’s not illegal to have a party on private property. It’s not illegal to consume alcohol, even in great quantities. It’s not illegal to have nudity on a private property like that. So really, we need an offence before we can lay charges or pursue an investigation,” he says. “Nobody’s been arrested, and nobody’s been charged. And those cases are concluded.”

Justin Plosz with PR Canada threw the party and describes it as a great time.

In photos posted to Instagram about the event, he quotes “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort, using the hashtag “WolfofBC.” He lists the party highlights as follows: “1700 Cans, 526 oz Whiskey, 333 people, 8 cops, 7 supercars, 6 cop cars, 5 hyper cars, 3 helicopters, 2 ambulances, 1 Firetruck, 1 SWAT.”

He is pictured giving what appears to be a police officer in SWAT gear a high five, standing beside four young women in swimsuits.

Although he says his days of partying in Anmore are over, he has no regrets.

“We had nice cars, there was a beautiful house, beautiful people. We had DJs, tattoo guys, there was really everything we do as a company was slammed into one party,” he says. “We’re here to make a splash, that’s what we do is network and advertise, and there’s only one way to do that, is get everyone’s attention.”


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When the SWAT team come to shut down your event #SWAT #Team

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He says the Mounties were called in three times, first about parking, then after a man overdosed, and then a third time for a noise complaint after the helicopters landed. Coquitlam RCMP told NEWS 1130 they were called in twice.

Plosz admits there was alcohol and that one man overdosed, but insists it never got out of hand.

“I had 100 per cent control of the party the whole time. I had security booked, clean-up crew,” he says. “With that many people, something’s going to happen, and everything was dealt with professionally in a timely matter.

“Everybody was out of the house by about 10:30, which is unbelievable – people started cleaning up.”

He says he won’t be throwing parties in Anmore again, but he is looking for other venues.

“We’re going to do another big one, we’re trying to promote the next big one. We have a couple publicity stunts in mind,” he says.

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