Women’s World Cup: Were Team USA’s goal celebrations too much?

Social media is still buzzing after Team USA routed Thailand 13-0 at the Women’s World Cup, but it wasn’t all about the score.

Many fans have criticized the fact the Americans were celebrating every single goal like it was an overtime game winner.

James Cybulski with Sportsnet 650 says there’s a lot of blame to go around.

“The Americans, certainly, recognize where you’re at. This is one of the best teams in the world, and to continue to celebrate over the top against Thailand, it’s too much. But it’s also FIFA — to put teams like Thailand in there, that’s not growing the game.”

He believes the backlash was bound to happen sooner or later because of the tournament rules.

“When you go with goal differential in a small tournament, it’s a significant tie-breaker, so it does matter. That’s the reality. But there’s a certain point where you can take your foot off the gas in terms of your celebrations, and I think that’s the issue.”

Of course, many also took to Twitter to celebrate Team USA’s big win — with the team’s 13 goals breaking the record for most goals and widest margin of victory in a World Cup game.

While many fans point their fingers at team USA, Cybulski is taking a moment to remind Canadian fans to pull it back a little.

“For all of the moral outrage on this side of the border, let’s not forget here in Vancouver, at the World Juniors just a few months ago, where Canada ran up the score on a team in the World Juniors. Same sort of rules in place with goal differential against Denmark — and there were a lot of over-the-top celebrations too for Team Canada. So the American women are not the only ones who have done it.”

Canada’s next game at the World Cup is Saturday against New Zealand.

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