Paramedic gear stolen in East Vancouver

Without the uniform, she's been temporarily forced off the job. David Zura reports.

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A paramedic can’t work temporarily after her gear was stolen from her car in East Vancouver.

Annelie Free came out to her car early Monday morning when she noticed her belongings were gone. Without her uniform, she’s unable to work until it’s replaced.

But it’s not just the uniform that was taken. Free also had something of sentimental value taken — a stork pin she wore on her uniform. She has had since delivering a baby last summer.

She says it sounds silly, but the stork pin was the first thing she was upset about losing.

While working during the COVID-19 pandemic, Free had kept the items in her car to make sure her family wasn’t at risk of contamination.

The items stolen included a yellow helmet, black duffle bag full of supplies with BCEHS, BC Emergency Health Services written in blue and red, and a yellow jacket.

There are a few things Free says she will have to replace herself like her stethoscope and boots with orthotics.

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