Woman fined $200 for leaving dog in hot car again: Delta Police


DELTA (NEWS 1130) — Delta Police issued a $200 ticket to a woman for apparently leaving her small dog in a hot car with the window barely cracked, but police say this isn’t the first time she has done this.

Delta Police spokesperson Cris Leykauf says a call came in about a dog left in a car in a mall parking lot for an “extended length of time” on Tuesday. She says officers tested the car’s heat inside the car, “and it was definitely hot.”

Leykauf says officers tracked down the owner of the car, and then found out the woman had actually done this before.

“Rather than just issuing her a warning and trying to do some public education, which is often the tactic officers do take in these situations, they did take the step of issuing her the $200 bylaw ticket.”

She reminds children and pets can overheat easily when left in a hot car.

Leykauf says it’s frustrating and it shouldn’t be new information.

“We hoped people would be making better decisions. These types of warnings have been out here.”

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