B.C. students launch campaign urging young people to vote

A coalition of student groups launched a campaign called Take It Over to encourage students and young people to vote in the upcoming provincial election. Miranda Fatur has more on what issues are important to students.


VANCOUVER (CityNews) — A coalition of student groups has launched a campaign called encouraging young people to vote in B.C.’s upcoming election.

According to Elections BC, nearly 125,000 people ages 18 to 24 voted in the 2017 provincial election, an eight per cent increase from the 2013 election.

The “Take it Over” campaign is hoping to continue this momentum.

“As corny as it is … young people are the future,” says Tanysha Klassen with the BC Federation of Students.

“Young people are often leading the conversation on climate change, housing is a big issue, racial equity, police brutality, and affordable education.”

Klassen says the next government needs to chart a path for the province’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic that will work for young people.

“Young people were some of the hardest hit by the pandemic,” Klassen notes.

Nikiel Lal is a student at Douglas College and believes more young people are talking about politics this year.

“It’s important for me to get out and vote, due to the political climate of the world, I want to make sure the leader that gets elected cares about the issues I do,” Lal explains.

And there are several common issues at the forefront for students in the province.

Grace Dupasquier, a Capilano University student who is with the Alliance of BC Students, describes some of them.

“Of course economic recovery is top of mind for everyone. I’m talking about people who can’t pay bills, and who have no options. Housing affordability is a concern, and the climate crisis,” she says.

“Young people — millennials and Gen Z — are the largest block is Canada. If we all vote, we’ll see a government representing our values.”

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