West Vancouver mother desperately needs kidney donation

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Shortly after Alexis Mackay gave birth to her second child in December, she went into acute kidney failure and needs to find a donor.

Her kidney disease dramatically deteriorated during her second pregnancy, prompting a scheduled early birth right before Christmas.

Now the West Vancouver family is making the desperate plea for Alexis, a mother of two, whose kidney is functioning at 10 per cent.

“You know, she has headaches that are fluctuating, high blood pressure, extreme exhaustion and certainly the stress and anxiety of someone facing an uncertain future of health,” her husband, Rob, tells NEWS 1130

He says the best hope of success is to find a donor within their circle of friends and family, but most of the people who come forward are screened out. To increase their chances of success, the family is looking toward the public to get as many donor options as possible.

“Ali has a good chance of finding a successful donor, but it does take time and in some instances, it could take years.”

With two young children, the eldest being two-years-old, Rob explains a donation would improve Alexis’s life.

“It could really make a whole world of difference as far as her quality of life is, as well, because we are getting very close to starting dialysis, and of course, that’s even more difficult to manage when you have to young children.”

If you can help, contact St. Paul’s Hospital Living Kidney Donor Program at 604-806-9027.

“There are absolute miracle workers. They will get back to you despite COVID-19,” Rob says. “They are there they’re serving their patients with distinction.”

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