Poisoned skunks found in Richmond neighbourhood

A wildlife protection charity says several poisoned skunks have shown up in a Richmond neighbourhood.

A statement from Fur-Bearers says some of the skunks sent to a wildlife rehabilitation centre were dead on arrival while others were euthanized.

Lesley Fox, executive director of Fur-Bearers says residents should use “extreme caution” when using poison to target animals.

“Dogs, cats, other wildlife, and children could all be at risk if poisons are being left accessible to skunks or if baits are being used,” said Fox. “While only skunks are reported right now, it doesn’t mean other animals aren’t suffering,” Fox said.

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Fox says rather than using any poisons, people should consult humane wildlife removal experts that are certified by the BC SPCA.

The charity says some ways to prevent negative wildlife encounters are to avoid feeding wildlife and to secure garbage and compost.

The skunks were found in the area of South Richmond which included #5 Road, Chelmsford Street, Whistler Place, and parts of Regent Street and Saunders Road.

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