The Canadian massacre you’ve never heard of

By Analysis by The Big Story

In today’s Big Story podcast, on Halloween night in 2020, a mass shooting took place near the resort community of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. Three people were found dead in a makeshift encampment deep in the woods, alongside four dead dogs and a burned-out trailer. Now, more than two years later, the case remains at a standstill.

This week, a new podcast, Island Crime Season 5: Whiskey Creek, explores the secrecy and fear surrounding the shootings. Laura Palmer, the host and producer of Island Crime, takes a deep dive into the victims’ lives and events leading up to the massacre.

“It surprised me how openly people spoke about, really if it was vigilante justice, that was okay, because these were bad people doing bad things. I guess I was taken aback by how openly people would express that kind of sentiment,” Palmer says.

Whiskey Creek brings up the question: Who deserves to have their story told?

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