9 dogs, 2 cats seized in the Kootenays: BC SPCA

The BC SPCA says it has seized several dogs and cats from a person in the Kootenays with a history of animal cruelty.

The rescue happened in September, after Mounties notified the organization about a person squatting on Crown land who was in possession of “animals possibly in distress.” The person had allegedly been charged with animal cruelty multiple times in the past.

The BC SPCA then began an investigation to learn more about these animals and their living conditions. Animal protection officers went to the person’s camp alongside RCMP officers and found nine dogs and two cats living near piles of rotting deer and elk flesh.

A dog and a cat that were rescued by the BC SPCA. Both are tied to trees and dirty.

The BC SPCA and RCMP worked together to seize nine dogs and two cats from a person in the Kootenays in September. (Courtesy BC SPCA)

The animals did not have adequate shelter, and each was tied to a tree with limited food and dirty water. Many of the dogs and cats also had ear and urinary tract infections, matted coats, and fur laden with tree sap. In addition, the SPCA notes all of them were fearful and under-socialized.

“It is truly infuriating to see the complete disregard for animal welfare from this individual,” said BC SPCA spokesperson Eileen Drever.

“If someone is truly struggling to care for their pets, we have supports and programs in place that can benefit both the animal and the guardian. But this situation is very different. This is willfully choosing, again and again, to let animals suffer without any care at all for their wellbeing.”

The animals have since been brought to a veterinarian, and the SPCA says charges will be recommended against the individual — potentially adding to their history of animal cruelty charges.

““It really puts a strain on the society when we are also dealing with repeat offenders like this who are consistently putting animals at risk,” Drever added.

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