Unclear if search continues for driver linked to overpass strike in North Vancouver

It’s been more than two months since a truck driver struck the Main Street overpass in North Vancouver, leaving hundreds of drivers on the North Shore fuming and stuck in gridlock.

CityNews has been trying to find out who is in charge of finding the person responsible and it doesn’t seem any agency is taking the lead.

The North Vancouver RCMP told CityNews repeatedly that it is not talking about the case.

“As previously stated, we are not in a position to speak further or provide more details than what has already been shared,” said Const. Mansoor Sahak.

Sahak did not disclose why Mounties are not talking about the case. The RCMP previously said it had closed the hit-and-run investigation and would look into re-opening it if new information about the driver surfaced.

At the time of the crash, police did issue the company involved a violation ticket worth $368 for failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

The Ministry of Transportation’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement (CVSE) department was the lead for this investigation, but it says it’s not responsible for finding the driver.

“CVSE’s investigation into the Sept. 19 incident only focused on the carrier and their responsibilities under the Motor Vehicle Act/Regulation. Any questions relating to the driver involved in this incident should be referred to the RCMP,” it said in a statement to CityNews.

According to the B.C. government, the “carrier/driver” didn’t have a permit when the truck hit the overpass.

Late last month, Transportation Minister Rob Fleming confirmed they had identified the driver. “The driver has not been found, so I’d have to refer any additional information to the RCMP about how they’re trying to apprehend that individual,” Fleming said on Oct. 25.

The province has consistently directed all inquiries to the RCMP — an agency that won’t talk.

The ministry issued Whistler Courier & Freightways fines totalling $3,500 and the company was suspended briefly from operating — a suspension that was lifted on Sept. 27.

The company confirmed last month that two employees were “facing disciplinary action” in connection with the incident, but wasn’t releasing more information for privacy reasons. It’s unclear if the driver remains an employee of Whistler Courier & Freightways.

This crash involving an overpass is one of several so far this year. A trend that has prompted the BC Trucking Association to demand the province be more transparent about incidents in which large vehicles hit public infrastructure.

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