Mega Canucks vintage collector hopes to bring back classic logo

Over the past 8 years, Josh Stevens has scoured thrift stores and Facebook marketplace for the rarest vintage Canuck merch. He hopes the Canucks can bring back the classic flying skate logo during the playoffs.

Over the past eight years, Josh Stevens has scoured thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace for the rarest vintage Vancouver Canucks merch.

Stevens is confident that he has the best such collection the city. What started out as a hobby nearly a decade ago has evolved into a successful business model.

His Instagram page, @VintageFindsVancity, has attracted the attention of celebrities like Drake and even some Canucks players, including Elias Pettersson.

“A lot of fans are jumping on the bandwagon; they want to buy these pieces,” Stevens said.

“I like to sell to an actual fan. I need to know their background; I’m not going to sell you this vintage sweater if you’re not a diehard.”

But Steven’s real passion is bringing back the classic Canucks red, yellow, and black flying skate logo from back in the late 80s, which has become the team’s most popular retro look.

“It’s a very fiery piece, I think it’s a very mean-looking logo… It should be like every game, the orca, the skate, and then playoffs come, they should just ask the team,” he said

“The players should have a say in what they’re wearing.”

While he’s still on the hunt for the rarest Canucks merch, Stevens hopes to one day have his collection displayed at Rogers Arena.

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