BC Lacrosse Association president disappointed with ‘undesirable conduct’ at games

The BC Lacrosse Association (BCLA) expresses its disappointment about unacceptable behaviour by some community members in a letter on Tuesday.

BCLA President, Gerry Van Beek says the association is disappointed with reports of an increase in “undesirable conduct by some of the spectators, coaches and players” at Box lacrosse games.

“Regrettably, many of these incidents involve parents,” he said. “The BCLA cannot condone such behaviour.”

In his letter, he says he wants to remind parents and fans to support their team “positively” without “disparaging” fellow contestants or officials.

“Emotional outbursts during games are counterproductive. If you are unable to maintain your composure, consider not attending the game,” he said.

Van Beek says their disciplinary system relies on complaints, but due to the increase in negative behaviour the group is considering “proactive measures” to address misconduct. He says this includes potential removal from games or even financial penalties.

“Coaches engaging in misconduct will face suspension and fines,” he said. “There is no reason to ever engage with an opposing player during a game.”

He says contracts signed by certified coaches state that commenting on an opponent’s gameplay is not permissible.

“Do not break the contract,” Van Beek wrote in his letter. “Players will also be held to account by our existing regulations.”

Van Beek says, officials have the authority to cancel games because of bad behaviour by anyone, and to force them into that position is not okay.

He says the purpose of the BCLA is to create a nurturing environment.

“Let us uphold this principle and maintain a positive atmosphere throughout the season,” Van Beek said.

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