‘Herds of men’ filming Wreck Beach users after regional district takes away logs: petition

A group of Wreck Beach users have launched a petition demanding the Metro Vancouver Regional District bring back the large beach logs it recently removed.

The more than 850 signatories say the lack of logs is exposing people to wind, sun, and “unwanted onlookers.”

“The new open sight lines expose beachgoers, reducing privacy for naturalists (sic), families, and those seeking freedom of choice. This increased exposure disrupts the sense of safety and tranquility that Wreck Beach has always offered,” the petition stated.

The group claims “herds of men” in city clothing are filming and harassing people who choose to be on the beach nude.

“This is directly correlated to the open sight lines and the monitoring metro claims it needs. Metro Vancouver’s response of ‘trying to educate them’ is insufficient.  We need more safe spaces and a reduction in voyeuristic behavior.  Correcting the mistake of removing the larger logs and safe spaces is a simple and effective answer,” it stated.

The petitioner says the decision to remove the logs by the regional district was made “without genuine consultation” of the community.

“The unique needs and values of this long-standing, historical community are being ignored, leading to changes that do not reflect the wishes of the people who cherish this beach.”

Metro Vancouver says the logs were removed for safety reasons, pointing to a record number of visitors to Wreck Beach that continues to grow. In 2023 alone, the beach saw more than 870,000 visitors.

Metro Vancouver brought in the new beach log alignment, saying it creates more open space for the public to enjoy the beach, improves circulation, clears sightlines for patrols and closing sweeps, and ensures wide pathways for emergency responder access.

The petitioners say those “clear sightlines” are contributing to issues of voyeurism at the beach.

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