What happens when a cult moves into a small town?

By Analysis by The Big Story podcast

In today’s The Big Story podcast, Richmound, Sask., thought they’d have seen the last of the so-called “Queen of Canada” by now. It’s been almost a year since Romana Didulo and her followers moved into an empty school in the tiny prairie town. And they’re still there.

Rachel Browne is an investigative journalist who wrote about the situation in Richmound for The Walrus. “I spoke to at least five people who broke down in tears when they described what it was like having to drive past the school every day, and have their town become known for something that they see as awful,” says Browne.

Nearly a year of living next door to a dozen or more conspiracy theorists who promise public executions does some strange things to a small community. When everyone knows everyone, and everybody has to pick a side, what happens? Nothing good.

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