People remain unsure about climate change: scientist


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – From last month’s cold snap out east to the record drought in California right now, weather has been in the news a lot lately.

When it gets really cold, a recent study shows skepticism over global warming grows, while during heat waves we get more concerned.

That’s the findings from UBC climate scientist Simon Donner. “You know, when you hear someone on the news, especially Fox News in the US, ranting about it being cold outside so that must mean global warming isn’t real. Not only is that scientifically inaccurate, but we can see the pattern of peoples opinion goes up and down like the weather does.”

Donner says he finds the results worrying because it shows about 15 per cent of the public’s has soft perceptions on climate change. “The globe is still warming, climate change is still real. In fact, that cold snap that people in east experienced was not unusual 20 to 50 years ago. It’s unusual now because the planet is warming.”

He adds the study also found concern about climate change grows during hot spells – a misconception he also calls dangerous.

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