First baby born in Canada using “Eeva” technology


VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The first baby to be conceived through a new technology in Canada has been born.

Dr. Sonya Kashyap with Genesis Fertility Centre says Early Embryo Viability Assessment or “Eeva” works by creating a time lapse video of several embryos, and applying that to an algorithm that predicts which embryo will develop in a healthy way. The best embryo is implanted through in vitro.

“The idea of being able to non-invasively assess embryo quality is pretty revolutionary. If we can do that, it would be pretty amazing,” she says.

Kashyap worked with 40 year old Darla Macey-Nicholson and her husband, who each had kids from previous marriages but wanted one of their own.

They were concerned about their chances of getting pregnant, so decided to give it a try. “The nice thing about Eeva is it’s non-invasive, and it allows us to make observations of the embryo that we couldn’t before make,” Kashyap explains.

Darla and her husband’s daughter, Olivia, was born last month.

The treatment has been available in Canada since November 2013.


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