Questions around validity of election polls


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – As we get closer to the federal election, how confident are pollsters in the accuracy of their projections? Election polls failed to predict the winner in the BC provincial election.

Colleen Hardwick heads PlaceSpeak, which uses location based consultations to go beyond simple polling. She calls inaccurate polling a global phenomenon.

“We can’t continue to go along the way that we have. People just have a fundamental lack of trust in the process and they feel they are being sold and manipulated so they don’t want to participate,” she explains. “There are just so many opportunities for manipulation and misrepresentation and it undermines trust. Trust is of course essential in the way that we understand public opinion.”

Angus Reid Institute says its polling offers major advantages over other forms of research. It claims its overall record has demonstrated that online polling can be accurate and reliable.

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