Courage To Come Back Awards gala raises $3 million

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It was an evening of inspiring stories about ordinary people overcoming extraordinary obstacles.

Amazing people were celebrated and honoured for overcoming adversity against incredible odds in five different categories: Suzanne Venuta (Mental Health), Jim Ryan (Physical Rehabilitation), Ingrid Bates (Medical), Josh Dahling (Addiction), and Alisa Gil Silvestre (Youth).

Last night’s gala was the 20th annual event, and those who attended raised about $3 million for Coast Mental Health, which is a record. The money raised will help the organization support people living with mental illness.

“If there’s only one thing you remember from my speech tonight, may it be this: that connections save lives. It did mine. Connections are what hold hope together and hope allows us to dream,” said Ventua during her acceptance speech.

NEWS 1130 is a proud sponsor of the Coast Mental Health Courage To Come Back Awards.

Our own John Ackermann and Amelia John helped host the event.

Click here to read this and previous years’ recipients’ stories.

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