Vancouver radio host tackles unexplained, controversial spiritual movement in new podcast

Vancouver (NEWS 1130) – “Did gold teeth miraculously appear in people’s mouths? When I spoke in tongues, was that just gibberish? Why did I believe that heat in my body meant that God was healing me? Did God heal me? Did God heal anyone?”

Tara Jean Stevens still has questions about a spiritual movement that spread from Toronto all the way to her childhood church in Prince Rupert, B.C. Decades later, the KiSS Radio host poses those and other questions in Heaven Bent, which premiers Monday on the Frequency Podcast Network.​

​The first five episodes focus on the Toronto Blessing.

“I have this memory from 1999 of a bunch of people, just having recently arrived back from a trip to Toronto, and they stood in front of us on a Sunday morning, and opened their mouths, and showed us gold molars in their mouths. And they told us, as we looked inside their mouths with flashlights, that God had miraculously given them these gold teeth.”​

That memory stuck with her. “My entire adult life I thought, ‘Was that a dream? Did I make that up? Was it a play?’ So I started to look into it,” Stevens says. “It turns out our church had been caught up in a pretty controversial spiritual movement within the Charismatic Evangelical Church.”​

From that research, Heaven Bent was born. “I started working on this on my own. I did all the research, all the interviews, wrote the scripts, produced it and then I came to Frequency with the idea,” she explains. “I can’t wait to share this. I’m really excited!”​

Stevens is clear about what the podcast is and what it isn’t. “What it doesn’t have is death and murder-mystery that a lot of the podcasts I even been listening to lately have,” she admits. “But it does have that quality of mystery solving. There a lot of questions I have that I think have curious answers and I’m hoping that my listeners will feel the same.”​

​Future episodes may look at topics like gay conversion therapy, the devil, and why, in this age of COVID-19, many in the church refuse to abide by social distancing rules.​

Look for Heaven Bent on the Frequency Podcast Network, on our website, or wherever you download podcasts.

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