Dirty car contest encourages residents to conserve water, embrace the filth

Layers of dust and dirt on your vehicle are being encouraged by insurance corporation ICBC, in an effort to conserve water amid drought conditions.

In partnership with the province, ICBC announced on Friday it’s offering prizes such as B.C. Lions tickets and a $50 gas card to the winners of its dirty car contest.

Participants are being asked to submit a photo of their filthy car to the insurance company via the social media platforms Instagram, X and Reddit.

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Alongside its encouragement for cars to maintain layers of grime, ICBC is also asking drivers to ensure the dirt doesn’t cover mirrors, windows or licence plates, in the name of safety.

As of Aug. 31, the province says most of its water basins are at drought level four or five, with five being the most extreme state.

On Aug. 31, the province also extended its state of emergency for a further two weeks due to the persistence of out-of-control wildfires and drought conditions.

This contest comes after a handful of municipalities across the Lower Mainland announced an ugly lawn contest, in an effort to encourage residents not to water their lawns.

The dirty car contest will run until Sept. 7, with the winning draw taking place Sept. 11.

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