Four longtime friends bond over ‘brosectomy’ in Vancouver

Four men from Maple Ridge embarked on a 'brosectomy' on Friday -- a group vasectomy in Vancouver. The men say the support of their friends eased the stress. Kate Walker reports.

When you think of male bonding, does the word vasectomy come to mind?

What better way to show your friendship than supporting each other on the journey to permanent surgical birth control?

That’s what’s happening Friday, as four men from Maple Ridge headed out to the big city for a group “brosectomy.”

Dr. Neil Pollock, of Pollock Clinics in Vancouver, is doing the honours.

“It’s when guys get together and they want to do the vasectomy but they might have otherwise found it a little anxiety-provoking,” Dr. Pollock told CityNews.

“So, they’ve taken the event and turned it into something fun where they can mutually support each other.”

‘Brosectomy’ is a term that’s been floating around since late last decade, but Dr. Pollock says he’s never hosted a group event quite like this before.

The four friends are being driven to Vancouver by one of their spouses, they’ve had “Brosectomy ’24” shirts made for the occasion, and they will be celebrating afterward together.

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“The guys sounded particularly excited,” Pollock chuckled. “We think it’s a great thing, for couples, for relationships, for society.”

He says after welcoming the friends for their procedure — which generally takes just a few minutes to individually complete — the office is paying for their celebratory lunch.

“We’re making this a bit of an adventure for the boys.”

Though maybe not so much for their “boys,” which will need some recovery time — the post-op celebrations will likely include ice packs and maybe some soft pillows for the drive home.

And in case you’re wondering, Pollock is quick to confirm the procedures will be done one at a time, not all together in the same room.

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“Right! We have not had that request yet!” he laughed.

Editor’s note: The four men are from Maple Ridge, not Vancouver Island.

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