Taylor Swift could end record-breaking Eras tour in Vancouver

Taylor Swift’s Vancouver shows could be the biggest of the record-breaking Eras tour.

Earlier this week, Swift announced the tour will be ending at the end of the year.

“This is the very first time I’ve ever acknowledged to myself and admitted that this tour is going to end in December,” she told fans in Liverpool, England, during her 100th show of the tour.

As of now, there are no shows scheduled after the Dec. 8 show at B.C Place.

If the schedule stays the same as it is now, Vancouver will be the finale to the Eras Tour.

Ticket Broker Kingsley Bailey says this means the already expensive resale of tickets to the sold-out show will be driven up even more.

“Now that they know that this is officially going to be the last show, they know there might be something special happening,” Bailey said.

“It’s the end of the tour and Taylor gives back to her Swifties as much as she can.”

He adds this will likely mean there will be less actual Taylor fans at the show.

“Somebody who has a lot of money approaches a Swiftie and says, ‘Hey I wanna buy your great seat and I will pay whatever it takes,'” he said.

“And then it comes down to the point of a Swiftie fan to decide, is this gonna help buy my new car? Put a down payment on my house? Or do I go to the show?”

He also warns that shows with this high of a demand bring an increase of scammers.

Bailey says if someone is trying to sell you a Taylor Swift ticket for less than $2,000, it may be fake.

“I’ve heard people say they’ve sent …$1,500 for tickets, and all of a sudden the transaction doesn’t happen because the profile is no longer there.”

Swift will be performing in Vancouver Dec. 6, 7 and 8 at B.C. Place.

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