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Anti distracted driving strategy encourages people to text and drive

TORONTO (NEWS 1130) – It’s a bold, new message in the battle to get people to put down their phones behind the wheel: Go ahead, text and drive!

It’s been making waves on social media.

That billboard in Toronto, appearing to be from a funeral home, tells drivers to text while driving. But if you go to the funeral home’s website, you’ll find out the company doesn’t exist — it’s all a PSA.

Sergeant Judy Bird with Abbotsford Police say we’re talking about this and so are tens of thousands of other people on social media, which is a good thing. “They’re generating discussion. This picture’s going out and people are giving their opinions — yay or nay — and that’s been successful, I think.”

“[People are] texting while driving and just not paying attention to distracted driving. So, we think it’s really important that this message is put out any way possible,” she adds.

Bird acknowledges the sign itself could be distracting or people may miss it altogether. But she says if it is successful, she imagines Abbotsford Police would be open to looking at something similar here.

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